Ignatius Rolls Out eSignature Integration Feature Powered by BoldSign


Ignatius, the powerful low-code applications platform, continues its mission to innovate and enhance its service offerings. We are excited to announce the introduction of an eSignature integration feature partnering with BoldSign. This new feature signifies Ignatius’ ongoing commitment to enhance the productivity and efficiency in the public sector.

BoldSign, a top-tier solution for eSignature requirements, offers a secure and reliable service recognized across industries. This collaboration with Ignatius reinforces our goal to empower government workers and their communities with seamless yet secure workflows.

Introduction to the eSignature Integration Feature

The integration of BoldSign into Ignatius allows users to integrate digital signatures into applications quickly and effectively. Our low code platform allows for seamless integration without the need for complicated code development, reflecting our commitment to user-friendly functionalities.

Utilizing the eSignature feature allows for completely digital workflows, eliminating the time-consuming manual process of printing, signing, and scanning documents. This update not only increases efficiency but also contributes to a more environment-friendly workflow by reducing paper-based operations.

Features and Benefits of the BoldSign Integration

Comprehensive Audit Trail: Our eSignature feature powered by BoldSign provides a detailed audit trail. It includes details about who signed the document, when and where the signature happened. This transparency is beneficial for maintaining accurate records for legal or auditing purposes.

High-Level Security: With the BoldSign integration, you can trust that your signatures and documents are secure. BoldSign uses top-tier, industry-standard security measures to ensure that your data is protected.

Multiple Signature Types: Whether you need to sign, initial, or stamp your approval, BoldSign provides a variety of signature types to meet your requirements.

Addressing the Digital Gap in Public Service

The addition of eSignature functionality into the Ignatius platform aligns with our goal of bridging the gap between governments and the communities they serve. Through this innovation, we hope to speed up and streamline governmental processes, particularly those that involve formal documentation and approvals.

In the era of social distancing and remote work, digitizing traditional pen-and-paper based processes is more critical than ever. Ignatius, in keeping with its commitment to digital transformation, is driving this change by integrating with advanced solutions like BoldSign.


The integration of BoldSign’s eSignature feature is a powerful testament to Ignatius’s commitment to continuous innovation and digital transformation. As we carry on with our journey, we endeavor to empower government services with efficient, secure and user-friendly features. We believe that public service begins with a thriving internal workflow and our eSignature feature brings us one step closer to this vision.

Further support and information about our eSignature integration are accessible on our support page support.ignatius.io. Explore this exciting new feature and contribute to creating digitally empowered government services.